Deep-Sea Shark Extract - Economy Size (360 Soft Capsules)  オリヒロ 深海ザメエキスカプセル徳用 360粒 [4571157251707]

Deep-Sea Shark Extract - Economy Size (360 Soft Capsules)  オリヒロ 深海ザメエキスカプセル徳用 360粒 [4571157251707]

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List Price: US$28.15

Weight: 430g


Item description

  • Product Introduction

    Avoid heat and humidity, please store in a cool place. ● saves firmly put to tighten outer box the lid after opening, please enjoy as soon as possible. ● Please keep out of the reach of children.

  • Specifications

    "Orihiro deep-sea shark extract capsule economical 360 grain" is a health supplement which was adopted more than 99.6% purity obtained from the deep-sea shark liver oil purification squalene (squalene). If you eat a drink on a daily basis, as a health supplement, such as a person who tends to ill, please enjoy health maintenance and daily beauty. Easy to drink soft capsules.

  • Precautions

    ● Please use on top of the fill in the opening day. ● Because you may not meet the rarely constitution, if not excellent physical condition, please discontinue the temporary use. ● Those who during the treatment in such disease, please consult your doctor before you eat. ● If the capsule in the bottle is attached, please use after shaking the lightly bottle. ● because it may clog the throat, please refrain from the use of the small children. ※ There is a thing that the difference in the color tone of the capsules and the like can be seen, but the quality is not a problem. The staple diet, main dishes, side dishes based on the balance of the meal.

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