Noguchi Institute natto kinase DX 90 capsules 野口医学研究所 納豆キナーゼDX90粒 [4954007016921]

Noguchi Institute natto kinase DX 90 capsules 野口医学研究所 納豆キナーゼDX90粒 [4954007016921]

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Name: Natto kinase-containing food

Ingredient name: Corn starch, onion hull powder (containing quercetin), brewer's yeast (including soybeans), Bacillus natto extract (containing nattokinase), dextrin / gelatin, finely divided silicon oxide

Contents: 19.8g (220mg x 90 tablets)

Manufacturer: Meiji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. H

made in Japan

Nattokinase is a protein-degrading enzyme that is contained in the sour portion of natto, a traditional Japanese food. 
This product contains 3,000 FU of natto kinase. 
This capsule type is recommended for people who do not like natto. 
※ FU: A unit representing the size of natto kinase activity. 

Nutritional indication (per 3 tablets 660 mg) 
Energy 2.2 kcal 
Protein 0.19 g 
0.008 g of lipids 
0.38 g of carbohydrates 
Salt equivalent amount 0.0026g 
Vitamin K 0 μg 

Main ingredient indication 3 daily intake standard amount 3 tablets (per 660mg) 
Bacillus natto extract 86 mg 
(Nattokinase) (3000FU) 
90 mg of onion crust 
Beer yeast 60 mg


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