KYUSHIN Cardiotonic medicine [4987061015753]

KYUSHIN Cardiotonic medicine [4987061015753]

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Item description

Class 2 OTC Medicines
Cardiotonic medicine
Kyushin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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  • Amount

    120 Grain x1 Piece 

  • Indication

    Palpitation, Panting, Restorative

  • Dosage regimen

    Take this medicine with water or lukewarm water in the morning, evening, and before bedtime.
    Age / One time dose / Number of times
    Adults (15 years old and older) / Two pills / Three times a day
    Under 15 years of age / Do not take it.
    Do not leave the pills in your mouth as well as on your tongue, and even do not chew. (If you take the pills in these ways, numbness of tongue or mouth is left for a while because of the property of an ingredient.)

  • Ingredients / Quantity

    Six pills contain the following ingredients.
    Toad cake (5mg)
    Oriental bezoar (4mg)
    Velvet horn (5mg)
    Ginseng (25mg)
    Saiga antelope horn (6mg)
    Pearl (7.5mg)
    Agalloch (3mg)
    Borneo camphor (2.7mg)
    Animal bile (Hog bile) (8mg)
    Additive: corn starch, kambaiko (steamed and dried glutinous rice flour), carmellose,
    medicinal carbon
    ・Combination in this medicine is thought so that this medicine may produce an excellent effect.
    ・This medicine is the small pill taken easily, and excellent in the disintegration. It is devised so that the medicinal effect element is promptly absorbed.

  • Characteristic

  • Important reference information

    DON'T DO
    [If the following is not kept, a present symptom takes a turn for the worse and it becomes easy for the side effect to happen.
    Don't take the following medicines while taking this medicine;
    Any other cardiotonics

    1. The following persons should consult with a physician, pharmacist or tourokuhambaisya (registered retail person) before taking this medicine;
    (1) Persons who are under treatment by a physician.
    (2) Persons who are pregnant or may be pregnant.
    2. In case that the following symptoms appear after taking this medicine, discontinue taking this medicine at once for the possibility of the side effect, and consult a physician, pharmacist or tourokuhambaisya (registered retail person) with this manual.
    Areas concerned / Symptoms
    Skin / Rash, redness, itching
    Digestive organs / Nausea, vomiting
    3. In case that the symptoms have not improved even if taking this medicine for 5-6 days, discontinue taking this medicine, and consult a physician, pharmacist or tourokuhambaisya (registered retail person) with this manual.

    1. Always close a bottle tightly and store this medicine in a cool, dry place not exposed to direct sunshine.
    2. Always keep this medicine out of the reach of children.
    3. Never replace this medicine with other containers. (It causes the misuse and the quality changes.)
    4. Never take this medicine that passes the expiration date for use.

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